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Our villa is a double-storey building built with various facilities and different of room types, which are connected to each other for the ease of accessibility.


The 'mostly transparent' design of the building maximizes the usage of natural light, to ensure sufficient amount of sunlight and ventilation. It consists of

  • 18 rooms divided into 6 different room types

  • 2 scenic karaoke rooms

  • 1 spacious event room

  • Opened space dining area and exact east orientation

  • 2 adult + 1 kids swimming pools with natural mountain water


The durian hill is located just behind the main building, which has variety of tropical fruits tree being cultivated, mainly durian trees.


It is planted with 120 durian trees of different species, and it is mostly 'old trees' up to 10 years old. The route at the hill are built with stacks of sturdy car tires, instead of concretes, to protect the nature and quality of soil.


Allergic with chlorine? Worrying about the pandemic virus in the stagnant water? We got you covered!

We have 3 natural mountain water pools with water flowed from an unpolluted source in the deep jungle. Therefore, the water keeps flowing forever, without utilizing chemical component such as chlorine. It is also regularly brushed for hygiene purpose.

What is better than dipping into a cold natural water pool, while chilling with few bottles of beers, during such scorching hot weather?


Birthday? Proposal? Celebration? Events? No problem!

Our spacious event room which cater 30 people, is designed with glasses and windows on all sides for the full view of greeneries, with grand looking curtain binds installed on it.

The open air concept of the event room creates the best combination combo of  'luxury vibe' and 'mother nature', which surely will leave your guests stunned for a second.